Acquire Learning Pty Ltd

August 2014

Rachel is a methodical, ethical and organised HR professional. She has a thorough understanding on all HR matters and keeps those around her informed, ensuring a quality and compliant HR process. Not only is Rachel a ‘safe pair of hands’ but she is a calm and sincere person whom I have enjoyed consulting with.

Mark Glucina

General Manager of Acquire Careers – Acquire Careers Pty Ltd


August 2014

I worked with Rachel in her capacity as HR Advisor at Acquire Learning. Rachel had a deep and detailed knowledge of all HR/employee/IR matters and always made herself available to provide guidance and assistance to the Legal team on HR/employee matters. She was a pleasure to work with.

Melanie Keith

Senior Corporate Counsel at Acquire Learning Pty Ltd


August 2014

Few people have an opportunity to work with someone who has a depth of knowledge like Rachel.
I was most impressed by Rachel’s ability to connect with internal stakeholders on all levels of the business, juggle multiple projects, and deliver on key outcomes. Rachel has left an indelible impression, adding significant value to our operations, blending so well with our culture she almost became part of the furniture!

Justin Stephens

National Operations Manager – Acquire Learning Pty Ltd


Synchra, The Content Consultancy

August 2014

I have worked with Rachel in two for my clients’ businesses. She has provided excellent advice and always displays confidence in her subject. I would highly recommend Rachel for any HR related project.

Ray Brown

Business coach and Mentor. Content Marketing Evangelist.


Steer Incorporated

August 2014

Organic HR has been prepared to provide honest straightforward and clear advice which works well as a part of the business culture of Steel Incorporated. It helps us manage our internal relationships with confidence. Organic HR has helped Steer to be caring, legal and fair to our staff and volunteers whilst helping the community achieve its objectives.  This professional and accurate input is freely available when required.

It’s my experience as CEO of Steer Incorporated that this is a unique and very special mix of qualities and skills. Rachel Faris-Cornwell has taken the time to understand Steer, with our individual needs and so offers individual assistance to match our needs rather than providing a set mould into which we are required to fit.

I have no hesitation in recommending Organic HR as a very special small business with which we are delighted to work.

Tony Crook

CEO/National Director


Carole-Ann Kerford

August 2014 (HR Support during Unfair Dismissal Case)

Dear Rachel
I am writing to thank you for your assistance with my sister’s recent suspension from her workplace.
As you can imagine it was an exceptionally stressful time for her, and when she rang to ask me to be her advocate, I knew we needed some professional advice and assistance.
Your knowledge of workplace regulations, and fantastic ability to calm and reassure my sister in her highly anxious state meant she was able to resolve the dispute with her employer in a professional and amicable manner. I am certain this would not have happened without your assistance. It is clear your ability to diffuse a tense situation, remain professional under trying circumstances and real empathy for the people you are dealing with makes your business stand out. At all times we felt as if we were the most important clients you had, and your follow up and concern after the fact shows me you walk your talk. In my professional life I deal with many businesses, and few have the real compassion for people that yours does.
Again I cannot thank you enough. Thank you for your knowledge, your care, your professionalism, and thank you for helping my sister maintain her reputation under unfair and unfounded allegations.
Yours Sincerely,
Carole-Ann Kerford

Stillwell Motor Group

September 2013

Rachel Faris-Cornwall has been engaged by Stillwell Motor Group for the past 12 months to provide a range of OH&S services & advice.  In that time she has made a significant contribution to the Group, both in the identification, assessment & effective management of specific Health & Safety risks, & the planning & development of robust Safety Management processes & practices.  This has resulted in tangible benefits including but not limited to decreased Workcover costs & increased staff engagement & trust.

A particularly successful innovation to date has been Rachel’s development & implementation of a risk management process in our main Warehouse.  This has been especially significant given the initial level of skepticism among Warehouse staff & their resistance to external interventions.

Rachel had to build strong & trusting relationships with key staff to gain insights into their day-to-day practices & highlight areas that needed improvement.  She was able to walk them through a comprehensive process of awareness raising & process development that resulted in a risk management programme that was co-authored & supported by all Warehouse staff.

As a measure of the success of Rachel’s approach Warehouse staff engagement lifted from an average score of 1.5 out of 5 to an average score of 4 out of 5 over the three months of the project.  Staff attributed this shift primarily to Rachel’s ability to engage & encourage them, & in her ability to work with management teams to help them understand OH&S challenges & commit to practical & effective approaches to dealing with them.

Rachel’s ability to understand & manage Health & Safety issues from a systemic & strategic perspective, & develop solutions that are pragmatic & relevant for those who need to implement them is her distinctive point of difference.  Her care & commitment extends beyond those immediately involved in specific OHS issues & has been evident in the quality of the work she has done with our Group & the outcomes she has achieved. 

Kerryl Lowe, HR & OD Manager


Steer Incorporated

September 2013

As a small, Not for Profit Charity, which has operated in the City of Whitehorse for the last 52 years, we are very aware of the importance of being well managed and of the increasing complexities of today’s business environment.  With 4 staff plus volunteers, Steer Incorporated does not have the size to warrant a specialist HR person and so have sought professional assistance from Organic HR.

Rachel Faris-Cornwell of Organic HR has provided Steer Incorporated with a comprehensive service including practical, common sense advice, which we have been able to apply to our activities.  She has taken the time to understand the nature of our work and organisational culture enabling us to undertake our HR responsibilities with both accuracy and empathy.

Since receiving her professional help Rachel has worked with us, entirely pro bono.  Even though we have not paid for her assistance we have received her full attention when it’s been required. 

Tony Crook, National Director


Mortgage Choice in Whitehorse

September 2013

I have used Rachel Faris-Cornwell as a Human Resources consultant for my small business.  I would recommend other small businesses like mine use Rachel because we know our businesses, our products and the services we can provide but Rachel knows HR and the intricacies of employment issues. Rachel is an invaluable member of my team and will be used again as my business grows and I add more staff members.

Peter Ruddock, Owner Manager


Casey College of Beauty Therapy

August 2013

Casey College of Beauty Therapy employed Organic HR to consult with our company at all our campuses in the South Eastern Suburbs. Rachel was amazing from the first day, she sat down and worked out an efficient and accommodating plan for our company to succeed in the relevant HR areas.The amount of work completed by Rachel in such a small time frame was incredible.Rachel has helped our company to grow and expand in areas we did not think were possible to achieve.I would highly recommend her services to everyone.

Kim Lucas, Principal


“Rachel’s an intelligent, professional Human Resources specialist with a pragmatic approach to dealing with complex and delicate situations, while ensuring conformance to applicable policies and legislation”

“Rachel provided me with invaluable guidance and advice and I found her to be an experienced, proactive and diligent HR professional. I was particularly impressed with the way Rachel handled difficult situations, always making sure that best practices were adhered to”

“Rachel is a very effective HR partner and was always there to support my queries and business requirements. I found Rachel to be a very caring and hard working person and I was more than satisfied every time I dealt with any HR issue.   She is a true professional and HR is her passion”

“I found Rachel invaluable as an advisor, with very strong skills in driving performance improvements, balanced with an eye for improvements in employee morale”

“I found Rachel to be a very effective HR partner. Her demeanour and work understanding coupled with her commercial skills ensured that her recommendations and proposals were well constructed, sensible and conformed with company policies and relevant legislation. She was well regarded by staff and forged good working relationships with those around her”

“Rachel’s personality and intelligence combined with her ability to deliver practical and logical approaches to any problem, no matter how difficult, made a significant difference both internally and to our clients. On top of this, she is simply a wonderful person”

“Rachel is a highly capable and very professional Human Resources specialist. I had occasion to work with Rachel a number of times and she quickly earned my respect. She has an in depth knowledge of HR processes and related government legislation. She is able to represent both the organisation and the individual in a pragmatic and sensible manner. I observed Rachel in her management of a number of delicate situations, which I found that she handled particularly well”

“Rachel’s expertise in the field of HR combined with her compassion and empathy toward people makes her a vital asset to any senior executive management team. Rachel’s knowledge and understanding in safety, particularly in systems management and safety change management establishes her as an exceptional HR consultant to assist and guide clients in the often challenging human resource function that is vital for business today”

“I have always found Rachel professional, friendly and approachable, able to quickly understand a problem or issue and propose a solution.
She is also passionate about the development and implementation of occupational heath and safety in the workplace and has been responsible raising its importance with both staff and management”

“Rachel has the gift of being able to balance well both sides of the equation the employer and the employee. She is friendly and very approachable, someone you feel you can talk to”

“I was able to observe Rachel’s skills and competencies first hand on several occasions and found her to be a consummate professional with the knowledge and experience to assist all concerned. Rachel always demonstrated a strong balance of fairness understanding and compassion when necessary and was well respected by the leadership team. I would have no hesitation is recommending Rachel”

“Rachel is an extremely capable and effective HR Manager. She builds good rapport with her internal clients and combines pragmatic business solutions with relevant HR policies and procedures to ensure effective results. She demonstrates her experience and savvy on a daily basis and can be relied on to deliver the right outcomes for the business”

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